The Holy Couch

“Tao gives birth to one. One gives birth to two. Two gives birth to three. Three gives birth to all things and all beings.” – Tao Te Ching

I want you to think about a couch. Really think about a couch. Now you may be wondering why I want you to think about a couch. Well, it’s because couches are divine. What? How is a couch divine you imbecile you may think to yourself. First, you’re the imbecile. Second, the existence of a couch implies the entirety of the universe and vice versa. Hence why it’s divine. Sounds like a pretty big statement to make, but not if you think about it though. Upon further analysis, it’s totally logical and applies to everything else that exists.

In examining how a couch is made, initially required is knowledge of its design, then people to build it, and its materials. That’s not all though. The path runs deeper than that, infinitely deeper. For the person to exist that invented a couch, his parents need to have existed, for his parents to have existed necessitates that their parents existed, and for their parents to have existed they must’ve had parents, which regresses back to the first humans needing to have existed, then biological life, a planet that can sustain life, and finally infinitely regressing back to the entirety of the universe needing to exist. Pretty profound right?

For couches to exist, it supposes the universe must necessarily exist. This logic applies to everything. Mahayana Buddhism has a metaphor that illustrates a similar idea. It’s called Indra’s net. Indra’s net is an infinitely large net, think like a spider web, and at each vertex hangs a jewel, within each jewel you can see every other jewel that is within the infinitely large web. 

This demonstrates the infinite interconnection of everything. Not a single thing could be any other way than it is and if one thing was ever so slightly different everything would be impacted. 

Besides this being an interesting observation, what is the significance? To understand that we are the totality of nature implies we are not separate from it. Our actions from the interactions we have at the smallest scale impact everything else including yourself (friggin ego making me have to specify yourself). Everything is encompassed under the system of nature. Nothing can ever be out of place and everything is as it is and cannot be otherwise. 

There are multiple layers of reality from the microscopic level to the macroscopic. Atoms are atoming (Definition of atoming: atoms doing what atoms do, being themselves), planets are following their respective orbits across the universe, the universe is continuing to expand as it heads towards greater entropy, yet wait just one second, hold on, this fucking covid bullshit has inconvenienced my life! Everything is all wrong and not going how it should! 

Relax, zoom out, or in on the cosmic scale. Viewing life through a cosmic lens really puts into perspective how silly humans can be thinking that things aren’t going how we egotistically want them to go. Everything always follows the course of nature at all scales. Our worldly affairs are no different. Despite what the ego may lead us to believe. (dose it with LSD and teach its ass a lesson). Our perspective is minute, it is the minutia of minute, and we have the balls to complain.

Sometimes when I’m stressed and my neural nets are firing off about random arbitrary shit I need/should/want to be doing and I feel like I’m not doing as good as I want to be, I zoom out and imagine the earth, similar to a cell in many ways, carrying out the natural laws of nature, with all the complex components of its system, without judgement, or aspirations, peacefully perfectly earthing as the earth so does, and as everything does. This image grounds me and lets me just be. As all inevitably can only just be.

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