The Life in Everything

I had an insight into consciousness recently. I was sitting down thinking about an experience I had on LSD where I lost my sense of self. In that state, my awareness expanded to envelop everything. Since then sometimes when I stare into a mirror I can expand my awareness achieving a feeling of detachment from myself and connection to my surroundings.

This happened at the gym one day. I was sitting on a bench staring unspecifically into the mirror when my self receded, leaving me a witness to a system of humans exercising. I was all of them at once. There was the sound of breathing, equipment, lifting humans, all pieces of a puzzle to which I also belonged.

We usually associate consciousness with life, but as I contemplated this state, I realized when it isn’t localized to myself everything is conscious! If you exist equally to everything and “your” consciousness is seemingly beyond you, what are you in relation to everything? An image may help to further illustrate this.

Left side: Usual state of consciousness, localized to us, maybe even just a circle around the head would’ve been accurate. Right side: Consciousness expanded draping everything.

Here you’re just another aspect of reality. Under the umbrella of consciousness, you’re no more distinct than the window, chair, cup, floor, pants, and so on. Objects we view as inanimate exist as equals. When consciousness is decentralized, how can you claim to be more significant than a pencil when its light illuminates both with the same dispassion?

It’s not surprising after an experience like that some think consciousness exists beyond us. Our self is but a drop of water in an ocean. Things are so much bigger than you.

What a strange and mysterious state. What is consciousness? Why does consciousness exist? Why is such a state even possible? Questions that perenially perplex humans and inspire the mystical. Globally people have a concept of something transcendent of the world and self, like the soul. Consciousness is why.

The capacity for consciousness to swell and encompass all democratizes it, giving life to all. Free from the illusion of “yours” everything’s impartially equalized through its divine light.

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