What It Means To Be

Within our minds is contained the power to transport ourselves through space and time. We often find ourselves lost in thought, the world in front of our eyes fading away till it’s no more. All that now exists is the interplay of thoughts dancing in your mind of past times or future moments. During which you are no longer here, but there. 

I was fantasizing as I drove earlier today. I was at the airport with my best friend and our girlfriends. I felt the joy of imagining us prior to our departure about to embark on a beautiful trip and what would it be like. As I came back to the moment, I was promptly met with the steering wheel between my hands, the road ahead as I pushed 130 km/h on the highway heading to play basketball. When thoughts related to stillness and being arose into the forefront of my mind. As I contemplated stillness, imagery of a body with a black circle representing the mind was jumping from place to place above it. Next to the body was a rock with a black circle also above it, unwavering. Still. 

The images in my mind’s eye reveal insight into the nature of stillness. To be is still, is to be here. The mind’s wonderful capacity to journey across temporal boundaries is often transporting us into pain. Anxiety about work, negative past experiences, things we desire that promote a continued sense of lacking. As a result, we are plagued by suffering. In which there’s only one thing to do to stop it; be like the unwavering rock. Be here now. 

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