MDMA Made Me Realize I’m Half Man Half Woman

I recently realized I hated my female energy, which I’d bet most men do, and vice versa for women. This is due to how we grew up, men are taught to be manly, whatever that means to the specific culture, while women are taught to be womanly. This causes people to internalize denial of the opposite sex traits within us for fear we may be unlovable. When I took molly I went within and realized this self-hate and cleansed it with self-love, I saw that in everyone a balance between male and female energy is necessary to create the balance needed to propel yourself forward and that we all have male and female energy within us, and it’s denial leads to suffering.

Male energy is power, female energy is emotion. Both need to exist in balance. Strength is for moving forward, emotion is to guide us. Strength is meaningless for the wrong cause, emotion without power doesn’t lead to any results. One is not better than the other, the tree is not better than the soil it grows on, the roots extending to the depths of the soil vitalize it so that it may reach its branches to the heavens. Touching into the depths of one’s inner being, being sensitive to how you feel is guiding your power to achieve what you want, but to move forward without checking within you will be without a guide, and you will stray from love and joy. All pain comes from being away from love, and the most important is the love for yourself. To fully come to your power you must be in touch with the child within. Tend to its needs like a mother tending its child, and you will not have any obstacles in your way because the only obstacle that ever gets in the way of your full power is yourself. You don’t love yourself deeply enough to follow your greatest joy, thus unconsciously you put up barriers that slow you down.

Love for yourself as you are gives you the freedom to express yourself as you are. To be as you are, and you will no longer suffer, you will no longer struggle to do what you know you want to do. The answers are all within. The power is all within. In surrendering to your self you surrender to joy and love.

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