The Key To Life

Key: Take MDMA, Look at all the reasons you hate yourself, and then replace it all with love. Everything else will take care of itself now. Enjoy effortless living. Peace. If you want more read below, but honestly just go do molly.

You just need to be you, that’s it, like the different types of fruits, all are equal in their perfection, all effortlessly grow into their unique being, and all fulfilling their function as they were destined to do.

There is a higher power that guides your growth from baby to human adult. Yet, most of us get stuck far from our maximum potential and the reason why is funny. You learned to hate yourself as a child and to live your best life all you have to do is love yourself. It’s really that simple. This results in effortlessly living life because you no longer will get in your own way, you will no longer interfere with the flow of life. Life wants you to be you, that’s what you were created to do. It should seem kind of obvious, but it isn’t. I mean I just finally understood that at 23.

The pain in your life is a reflection of something you hate about yourself, that pain is the way towards freeing yourself from your own hate. For example, if you struggle to do something you love it’s probably because you unconsciously think you’re dumb, or not good enough for it. I struggled to write before, but now it comes naturally and smoothly, which would happen sometimes before, but now it’s the norm, not the exception.

I went within, to the most hate-filled corners of my mind, and exorcised the hate I felt towards myself with love. Everything I now do is effortless. I let go and gave in to myself and it’s all I ever had to do. As the Tao says, I do nothing and everything gets done.

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