Social Media Doesn’t Harm People

It seems that social media has done a lot of damage to the minds of people, like causing attention problems due to the over-processed content we get that’s tailored to make us keep feeling good so we keep consuming content or the fact that it allows people to curate a seemingly perfect image of themselves and their lives so as you scroll through you see perfect people living perfect lives. But those aren’t actually the issue. It’s all just self-hate. If people didn’t hate themselves, mental health issues associated with social media would cease to be.

Why social media hurts: One, each time you see someone beautiful, having fun, being successful it activates your self-hate which causes you pain. Two, self-hate leads people to create distorted images of themselves that aren’t authentic to who they really are, this is due to the societally ingrained programming of what beautiful, fun, perfect looks like. This causes the pain to be triggered harder.

Ever since I took MDMA and purified myself of hate for who I am, I naturally no longer see any bad in anyone or anything. I’ve seen clearly how perfect I am just for being myself and that the same is true of everyone else. We are all just hurt children that want to be loved and accepted as we are.

Social media isn’t bad, it does no wrong, and it’s even beautiful. You get to see so many cool and creative people doing their thing and you can share who you are because everyone is equally perfect as they are. 

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