I Love Hitler

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Hitler is probably one of the most well-known evil people in the world, he’s a real-life supervillain who managed to kill millions of jews, which is pretty badass. Imagine how hard he had to work to get such influence and power. I mean how many others could pull something of that magnitude off? Sure what he did wasn’t the best use of his potential, but imagine what he could’ve done if he was motivated by love. 

Everyone has an inner Hitler, he was just a human and if he’s capable of such a feat, then anyone is. I know I am, but I don’t deny it or repress it. I accept it because I understand it. Hurt people hurt people, and Hitler hurt a lot of motherfuckers so just imagine how hurt he had to have been, poor guy. I mean I want to kill people just for fun, imagine what I’d want to do if my dad beat me and didn’t let me follow my dreams like Hitler’s dad did to him. I’d probably nuke the world. If I could go back in time I’d kiss Hitler on the forehead and tell him I love you, you’re good enough, mainly to be hailed as the great time-travelling guru who stopped a great monstrosity with a kiss, no homo of course. 

All jokes aside, to be capable of great love implies its opposite because for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. The capacity for great hate is within us all. Hitler is a normal person and in his shoes, you’d have done exactly what he did. Look a little deeper and you’ll find you are Hitler and Hitler is you. All is one. 

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