Non-Binary Is Bullshit

People who say men can't wear a dress. : r/funny

Oh, you’re non-binary? then show me your 30% grown dick and your 70% grown vagina… oh, you only have one or the other? Then you’re not non-binary, you’re whatever gender associated with your genitals unless you’re transgender of course and are in the wrong body. But I’m here to talk about this non-binary bullshit, which isn’t entirely bullshit but actually leads to more harm than good. It also reinforces gender norms lol, which hey I thought you guys were supposed to be against. 

A non-binary gender spectrum is supposed to liberate people from the constructs of gender, but it actually reinforces them. Here’s how, suppose you have a penis, which means you’re a man if that wasn’t clear, you’re interested in wearing feminine clothing and are interested in other “feminine” things, but because of gender norms you repressed your desires and conformed to the image of a stereotypical man seen from societies eyes. Then you hear about this non-binary stuff and feel some relief, oh my god I can be a they and not hate myself for my womanly side, fuck being a man I’m out, or vice-versa if you’re a woman. You now freely wear dresses and accept yourself, which is good for self-acceptance, but bad for being a man/woman.

Women born in the future are going to learn that because they don’t want to wear dresses or do typical girly things, they aren’t women, so they are going to label themselves non-binary (read as imbecile). When actually just because you’re a woman with more male energy than average it doesn’t make you less of a woman, the same is true for men. The real issue with non-binary as a label is it diminishes men and women, you are a man even if you want to dress up in a dress and high heels 20% of the time or even 70% of the time, you do you, and you’re no less of a woman if you want to pound down brews with the boys instead of watching sex and the city and gossiping about boys. True empowerment is expanding what the two genders encompass (sorry hermaphrodites), no longer should a man and woman be seen one way, but thousands of ways because male and female energy is most definitely real. It’s obvious, there are feminine men and manly women and that’s okay. 

Within us all exist male and female energies, these labels exist for a reason, and despite the ignorance of previous generations who passed on the inherited gender norms to us, we don’t need to create new labels which serve to confuse people (most importantly children) and propagate the gender norms of the past. Also, there is some semblance of truth to gender norms, like men being stronger than women. Anyway, a man is the buff hairy guy at the gym and also the skinny crossdresser, a woman is a sexy lady in heels and a dress and also the buff hairy woman at the gym.

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