I Love Your Youness It Makes My Heart’s PP Hard

Lot-Art | Tanya - Faces oil on Canvas(large)

One day I was thinking of my loved ones and what I’d do if they were gone. After the initial emotional pain of losing those dearest to me, I’d desire replacements so that I can continue to enjoy the things I love with those that I love. If I lost my wife I’d find another woman who has the same traits she has that meet my personal needs sexually, emotionally, intellectually, and fun(ellectually). This got me thinking about the selfish nature of love and how people are replaceable. There are billions of people on this earth and I can find many others that are like my wife or even my closest friend that would fulfill my needs the way they currently do. 

But then I went deeper. I asked are people really replaceable? I’d be lying if I said I couldn’t find another beautiful woman who I’d love to watch dance. I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t find her mannerisms uniquely adorable, the way I love my wife’s. I’d also be lying if I said there aren’t plenty of people out there I could make fun of and scare or be made fun of and scared by (I’m usually doing the scaring he’s a pussy), the way I do with my closest companion. This must mean the loss of loved ones means nothing right?

Wrong. They can never be recreated. I may enjoy the way another beautiful woman dances, but she’ll never dance the way my wife does. I may have fun scaring the shit out of someone else, but they’ll never shit their pants the way my friend does. People can share traits, but they can never be you. Your very youness is what’s unique to you. You can’t be recreated. The gift you have to offer the world, that you’ve been given by life, is the fruit of your being. 

You are like the countless plants in the world. Each one incomparable to the rest. Each one designed to perfectly fulfill its purpose, its destiny. All of them perfect as they are. You too are perfect as you are, you can’t be otherwise. Accept yourself and all you are, and you too will flow effortlessly with life. Peace and perfection are your birthright.

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