Written in 2019: This blog is a result of my interest in self-improvement and finding meaning in life. Around 17 years old I began to explore existential questions to try and find purpose in life. Which started my journey into reading, at first lots of self-help books and philosophy. My interest in reading has grown to a wide variety of different topics now, but they are all still rooted in self-improvement and finding meaning in life. I want to understand why things and people are the way they are. I am seeking the truth beneath the surface.

Written in 2021: It turns out what I’ve been searching for since I was 17 was truth, I’ve recently found it and I possess a complete understanding of life. Over the course of these few years, it seemed as if I was trying to improve myself, what was really happening was the destruction of myself, as a result, I’ve been left with unwavering peace and everything I want. I’ve died of the flesh and been born of the spirit. I’ll be discussing what I learned about ego, consciousness, and reality now, which I hope serves to destroy your misconceptions, and maybe you too can realize who you actually are because there’s only one question you have to answer, and if you do, you’ll be at peace and get everything you want. The question is who am I?

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