I’m Fucking My Mom

Everybody responds with disgust at the thought of their parents having sex, if you feel pleasure instead you’re probably disturbed or are you? Feelings of love and lust can be confusing since they usually go hand in hand. What’s love and what’s lust? My wife and I have had an uber compatible sexual relationship since […]

Your Pain Delights God

Imagine waking up one day and realizing you’re god. You’d be able to do anything you imagined in an instant. You could travel through the multiverse and fight dragons, shoot fireballs out your ass at people, jump off buildings, nuke entire planets, have crazy orgies with alien beings, you get the gist. This would be […]

I Love Your Youness It Makes My Heart’s PP Hard

One day I was thinking of my loved ones and what I’d do if they were gone. After the initial emotional pain of losing those dearest to me, I’d desire replacements so that I can continue to enjoy the things I love with those that I love. If I lost my wife I’d find another […]

You Need Love To Survive, Literally

Into this world we are born incapable of doing anything other than cry, we are weak and helpless, unable to navigate or comprehend the world, luckily babies are born to people motivated to keep them alive, at least I hope. Upon a baby’s arrival parents are flooded with a powerful love rarely felt, unless you’re […]

The Power of Beliefs

Beliefs are what shape your life and unfortunately most of them stem from childhood when you’re too ignorant to examine whether what you’re taught is valuable or not. I recently helped a friend examine her beliefs about herself with the help of MDMA. I was trying to find out what beliefs she held that lead […]

Non-Binary Is Bullshit

Oh, you’re non-binary? then show me your 30% grown dick and your 70% grown vagina… oh, you only have one or the other? Then you’re not non-binary, you’re whatever gender associated with your genitals unless you’re transgender of course and are in the wrong body. But I’m here to talk about this non-binary bullshit, which […]

I Love Hitler

Hitler is probably one of the most well-known evil people in the world, he’s a real-life supervillain who managed to kill millions of jews, which is pretty badass. Imagine how hard he had to work to get such influence and power. I mean how many others could pull something of that magnitude off? Sure what […]

How Did I Get Here?

I don’t know how anyone can take credit for anything that’s happened to them, when I reflect on my past I see myself as a little ball that was moulded by the hand of god and tossed into the world. This little essence of me bouncing around my environment, some things sticking to me, others […]

Are You Dumb Bro or Are You Just Smart?

There’s a difference between being a good thinker and being smart, being smart doesn’t mean you know how to think, it just means you can weave more complex webs of arguments, which can actually make it even harder to think clearly. Imagine the picture below is a representation of an argument that begins with one […]

How Can You Go On?

I started university in 2016 and studied computer science for 2 years before dropping out, I couldn’t take it, I was lost and confused unsure of what I wanted to do. On top of that in the summer after my first year, I realized I was no longer religious, all the guilt that religion caused […]

What If I Died Tomorrow?

I’ve seemingly been alive for 23 years, but that’s not actually true. I’ve been a puppet manipulated by the strings of fear that extend to my mind from my heart for many of those years, that fear staining most of my behaviour, although progressively less and less from 21 to 23 as I slowly came […]

MDMA Almost Made Me Kill Myself

There’s a difference between thinking you know something and actually understanding/experiencing it. I can say all I want I’m god and reality exists in my head, and the here and now is all there is, but actually experiencing it is a totally different experience, so different that in fact when I have experienced it I […]

Is All Self Help Wrong?

Most self-help books teach you to do more, change yourself, wake up early, exercise, eat healthy, read, meditate, start a business, be more disciplined, build better habits, and on and on about things you should do, and better ways of forcing yourself to do things that you’re struggling to do. The underlying message being you’re […]

I Create Reality

Who would’ve guessed that I’ve been creating my reality this whole time, every good and bad situation I’ve experienced and the people in them I’ve created based on internalized beliefs located at the core of my being. This sounds a little insane, but beliefs really are what draw things into your life. You may argue […]

Social Media Doesn’t Harm People

It seems that social media has done a lot of damage to the minds of people, like causing attention problems due to the over-processed content we get that’s tailored to make us keep feeling good so we keep consuming content or the fact that it allows people to curate a seemingly perfect image of themselves […]

Delighting Yourself Delights God

I’m sick of writing about self-help, my entire interest in writing about self-help was driven by the fact that I was trying to convince myself that I was okay and things were fine. I was deluding myself into thinking that I was writing about it because I wanted to or for other people to help […]

Turns Out I Didn’t Hate Weed I Hated Myself

Every time I would smoke weed my anxiety would shoot through the roof, my heart rate would be easily over 100, usually around 115-120 bpm and I’d be left incapacitated on the couch filling myself with food until my stomach would hurt and I could barely breathe, I hated weed and how I felt after, […]

How People Cope with The Same Weakness

One of the most impactful ideas I’ve read is from Harville Hendrix who observed that people tend to form relationships with others who have the same internal weakness as them but cope opposite to them, for example, if you feel stupid and behave by always sticking to your opinion, you’ll attract relationships with people who […]

The Key To Life

Key: Take MDMA, Look at all the reasons you hate yourself, and then replace it all with love. Everything else will take care of itself now. Enjoy effortless living. Peace. If you want more read below, but honestly just go do molly. You just need to be you, that’s it, like the different types of […]

MDMA Made Me Realize I’m Half Man Half Woman

I recently realized I hated my female energy, which I’d bet most men do, and vice versa for women. This is due to how we grew up, men are taught to be manly, whatever that means to the specific culture, while women are taught to be womanly. This causes people to internalize denial of the […]

What It Means To Be

Within our minds is contained the power to transport ourselves through space and time. We often find ourselves lost in thought, the world in front of our eyes fading away till it’s no more. All that now exists is the interplay of thoughts dancing in your mind of past times or future moments. During which […]

Narcissus and The Repairman

“the narcissist: he treats objects as props for his fragile ego and has an uncertain grasp of them as having a reality of their own. The clearest contrast to the narcissist that I can think of is the repairman, who must subordinate himself to the broken washing machine, listen to it with patience, notice its […]

The Life in Everything

I had an insight into consciousness recently. I was sitting down thinking about an experience I had on LSD where I lost my sense of self. In that state, my awareness expanded to envelop everything. Since then sometimes when I stare into a mirror I can expand my awareness achieving a feeling of detachment from […]

Why You Fight With Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend: An Exploration Of Imago Relationship Therapy

I recently came across the idea of Imago Therapy. It’s a relational counseling process for couples to use their conflicts for healing and development. Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt created the technique. Harville stumbled upon it as a therapist and professor when contemplating the question “why do men and women have so much trouble being […]

See Reality Clearly & Change Your Life

Humans are born a clean slate, but as we age our minds are programmed by our environment and experiences. The mind collects experiences to form concepts that shape reality. We see an object (which includes people) and within milliseconds associations arise. Associations are labels, judgments, and concepts that change reality. When I look outside on […]

Are Tarot Cards Real?

I was walking on the beach with my girlfriend recently and we serendipitously came across a guy doing tarot card readings. We decided to sit down to peer into our future and the results were quite spooky (Hatchum’s definition of spooky: a combination of weird and surreal).  My girlfriend went first. She asked him “what […]


I am the black sheep in my family. Surprisingly.  My dad has 13 siblings, my mom has 7. A quite massive family. My grandparents aren’t related to bunnies, but they sure do fuck like them. From the entirety of the family, not many diverge from the norm, well minus me that is. The majority live […]

The Holy Couch

“Tao gives birth to one. One gives birth to two. Two gives birth to three. Three gives birth to all things and all beings.” – Tao Te Ching I want you to think about a couch. Really think about a couch. Now you may be wondering why I want you to think about a couch. […]

Stories: The Reality Distortion Devices

“The trick and the beauty of language is that it seems to order the whole universe, misleading us into believing that we live in sight of a rational space, a possible harmony. But if words distance us from the present, so we never quite seize the reality of things, they make an absolute fiction of […]

10 Books I Learned from in 2020

Thanks to my kindle, this year I can actually remember the books I read. Here are a few summed up into one or two things that I took away from them. As a Man Thinketh Every action can be traced back to a thought Siddhartha Life is a series of loops Games People Play We […]

Points of Imaginary Tension

Beliefs are similar to a virus. When your mind is malleable they’re most likely to infect you. Young people all have malleable minds. From ages 0 to your teen years you’re very susceptible to these belief viruses. Although, strong viruses can infect you at any age. These viruses express themselves through our behavior. We act […]

Dimensional Depth

Practice is the prerequisite to excelling at a skill. But what’s happening as one deepens their knowledge through practice? What are the differences we notice in experiencing someone who is an expert in their art? Well, what we are experiencing is the difference in dimensional depth. An expert has greater dimensional depth to their skills […]

We Are All The Same?

Outwardly humans look quite different from each other. We have different interests, clothing, cultures, ethnicities, and physical features. Yet, peel back the layers and it doesn’t seem to be true. I mean literally peel back the layers of skin on every human. Expose the muscle and tissue that lays underneath us all. We are just […]

Disconnected: The Paradox in our Adaptive Emotional Ability

Welcome to 2020. Where humans are more connected than ever. We have smartphones that fit in the palm of our hands. Their power surpassing supercomputers from just decades ago. They allow us the opportunity to connect with billions of others daily. Video call technology facilitates connections to relatives living abroad. Social media connecting us to […]

The Lack of Diversity in Mental Frameworks

For the past few decades, we have moved away from being in extended families towards the less natural nuclear family structure. In doing so we lost the most important benefit of being surrounded by a variety of different adults. The lack of diverse mental frameworks.  Every human has a unique outlook on the world. Which […]

The Benefit of Mindfulness for Readjusting your Habits

Note: My references to a higher self, are unrelated to any religious or spiritual woo woo. It refers to being virtuous. References to God/divinity are just for entertaining imagery. “We are acquisitive, greedy, and pugnacious because our blood remembers millenniums” – Will and Ariel durant We live in the future with a brain designed for […]

Dissonance, Denial, and Development

Each one of us is attached to a multitude of narratives about who we are and how we should operate. Over time as we observe the choices we make our inner voice starts to connect the patterns of our actions to our identity. Additionally, notions of who we want ourselves to be develop and connect […]

Infinitely Interconnected: The Nested Mind

The mind is a nesting of minds. Six months into pregnancy the brain begins responding to stimuli. From that point on, the brain must sort, filter, and make sense of our chaotic reality. Billions of neurons in the brain. Each like little living organisms. Surviving and connecting through electrical impulses. Dictating how we respond to […]

Imaginary Versus Reality

Subjective beliefs grounded in fiction should not be of greater importance than objective truths rooted in reality. A friend sent me an article from the Harvard Business Review titled “How Will You Measure Your Life?” The 4th principle the author, Clayton M. Christensen, states is “avoid the ‘marginal costs’ mistake.” This theory is supposed to […]

Open Outward or Shrink Inward

“The moment that you feel that, just possibly, you’re walking down the street naked, exposing too much of your heart and your mind and what exists on the inside, showing too much of yourself. That’s the moment you may be starting to get it right.” – Neil Gaiman Neil Gaiman, is encouraging people to loosen […]