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  • I’m Fucking My Mom

    Everybody responds with disgust at the thought of their parents having sex, if you feel pleasure instead you’re probably disturbed or are you? Feelings of love and lust can be confusing since they usually go hand in hand. What’s love and what’s lust? My wife and I have had an uber compatible sexual relationship since […]

  • Your Pain Delights God

    Imagine waking up one day and realizing you’re god. You’d be able to do anything you imagined in an instant. You could travel through the multiverse and fight dragons, shoot fireballs out your ass at people, jump off buildings, nuke entire planets, have crazy orgies with alien beings, you get the gist. This would be […]

  • I Love Your Youness It Makes My Heart’s PP Hard

    One day I was thinking of my loved ones and what I’d do if they were gone. After the initial emotional pain of losing those dearest to me, I’d desire replacements so that I can continue to enjoy the things I love with those that I love. If I lost my wife I’d find another […]

  • You Need Love To Survive, Literally

    Into this world we are born incapable of doing anything other than cry, we are weak and helpless, unable to navigate or comprehend the world, luckily babies are born to people motivated to keep them alive, at least I hope. Upon a baby’s arrival parents are flooded with a powerful love rarely felt, unless you’re […]

  • The Power of Beliefs

    Beliefs are what shape your life and unfortunately most of them stem from childhood when you’re too ignorant to examine whether what you’re taught is valuable or not. I recently helped a friend examine her beliefs about herself with the help of MDMA. I was trying to find out what beliefs she held that lead […]

  • Non-Binary Is Bullshit

    Oh, you’re non-binary? then show me your 30% grown dick and your 70% grown vagina… oh, you only have one or the other? Then you’re not non-binary, you’re whatever gender associated with your genitals unless you’re transgender of course and are in the wrong body. But I’m here to talk about this non-binary bullshit, which […]

  • I Love Hitler

    Hitler is probably one of the most well-known evil people in the world, he’s a real-life supervillain who managed to kill millions of jews, which is pretty badass. Imagine how hard he had to work to get such influence and power. I mean how many others could pull something of that magnitude off? Sure what […]

  • How Did I Get Here?

    I don’t know how anyone can take credit for anything that’s happened to them, when I reflect on my past I see myself as a little ball that was moulded by the hand of god and tossed into the world. This little essence of me bouncing around my environment, some things sticking to me, others […]

  • Are You Dumb Bro or Are You Just Smart?

    There’s a difference between being a good thinker and being smart, being smart doesn’t mean you know how to think, it just means you can weave more complex webs of arguments, which can actually make it even harder to think clearly. Imagine the picture below is a representation of an argument that begins with one […]

  • How Can You Go On?

    I started university in 2016 and studied computer science for 2 years before dropping out, I couldn’t take it, I was lost and confused unsure of what I wanted to do. On top of that in the summer after my first year, I realized I was no longer religious, all the guilt that religion caused […]