• What If I Died Tomorrow?

    I’ve seemingly been alive for 23 years, but that’s not actually true. I’ve been a puppet manipulated by the strings of fear that extend to my mind from my heart for many of those years, that fear staining most of my behaviour, although progressively less and less from 21 to 23 as I slowly came […]

  • MDMA Almost Made Me Kill Myself

    There’s a difference between thinking you know something and actually understanding/experiencing it. I can say all I want I’m god and reality exists in my head, and the here and now is all there is, but actually experiencing it is a totally different experience, so different that in fact when I have experienced it I […]

  • Is All Self Help Wrong?

    Most self-help books teach you to do more, change yourself, wake up early, exercise, eat healthy, read, meditate, start a business, be more disciplined, build better habits, and on and on about things you should do, and better ways of forcing yourself to do things that you’re struggling to do. The underlying message being you’re […]

  • I Create Reality

    Who would’ve guessed that I’ve been creating my reality this whole time, every good and bad situation I’ve experienced and the people in them I’ve created based on internalized beliefs located at the core of my being. This sounds a little insane, but beliefs really are what draw things into your life. You may argue […]

  • Social Media Doesn’t Harm People

    It seems that social media has done a lot of damage to the minds of people, like causing attention problems due to the over-processed content we get that’s tailored to make us keep feeling good so we keep consuming content or the fact that it allows people to curate a seemingly perfect image of themselves […]

  • Delighting Yourself Delights God

    I’m sick of writing about self-help, my entire interest in writing about self-help was driven by the fact that I was trying to convince myself that I was okay and things were fine. I was deluding myself into thinking that I was writing about it because I wanted to or for other people to help […]

  • Turns Out I Didn’t Hate Weed I Hated Myself

    Every time I would smoke weed my anxiety would shoot through the roof, my heart rate would be easily over 100, usually around 115-120 bpm and I’d be left incapacitated on the couch filling myself with food until my stomach would hurt and I could barely breathe, I hated weed and how I felt after, […]

  • How People Cope with The Same Weakness

    One of the most impactful ideas I’ve read is from Harville Hendrix who observed that people tend to form relationships with others who have the same internal weakness as them but cope opposite to them, for example, if you feel stupid and behave by always sticking to your opinion, you’ll attract relationships with people who […]

  • The Key To Life

    Key: Take MDMA, Look at all the reasons you hate yourself, and then replace it all with love. Everything else will take care of itself now. Enjoy effortless living. Peace. If you want more read below, but honestly just go do molly. You just need to be you, that’s it, like the different types of […]

  • MDMA Made Me Realize I’m Half Man Half Woman

    I recently realized I hated my female energy, which I’d bet most men do, and vice versa for women. This is due to how we grew up, men are taught to be manly, whatever that means to the specific culture, while women are taught to be womanly. This causes people to internalize denial of the […]