• What It Means To Be

    Within our minds is contained the power to transport ourselves through space and time. We often find ourselves lost in thought, the world in front of our eyes fading away till it’s no more. All that now exists is the interplay of thoughts dancing in your mind of past times or future moments. During which […]

  • Narcissus and The Repairman

    “the narcissist: he treats objects as props for his fragile ego and has an uncertain grasp of them as having a reality of their own. The clearest contrast to the narcissist that I can think of is the repairman, who must subordinate himself to the broken washing machine, listen to it with patience, notice its […]

  • The Life in Everything

    I had an insight into consciousness recently. I was sitting down thinking about an experience I had on LSD where I lost my sense of self. In that state, my awareness expanded to envelop everything. Since then sometimes when I stare into a mirror I can expand my awareness achieving a feeling of detachment from […]

  • Why You Fight With Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend: An Exploration Of Imago Relationship Therapy

    I recently came across the idea of Imago Therapy. It’s a relational counseling process for couples to use their conflicts for healing and development. Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt created the technique. Harville stumbled upon it as a therapist and professor when contemplating the question “why do men and women have so much trouble being […]

  • See Reality Clearly & Change Your Life

    Humans are born a clean slate, but as we age our minds are programmed by our environment and experiences. The mind collects experiences to form concepts that shape reality. We see an object (which includes people) and within milliseconds associations arise. Associations are labels, judgments, and concepts that change reality. When I look outside on […]

  • Are Tarot Cards Real?

    I was walking on the beach with my girlfriend recently and we serendipitously came across a guy doing tarot card readings. We decided to sit down to peer into our future and the results were quite spooky (Hatchum’s definition of spooky: a combination of weird and surreal).  My girlfriend went first. She asked him “what […]

  • Outsider

    I am the black sheep in my family. Surprisingly.  My dad has 13 siblings, my mom has 7. A quite massive family. My grandparents aren’t related to bunnies, but they sure do fuck like them. From the entirety of the family, not many diverge from the norm, well minus me that is. The majority live […]

  • The Holy Couch

    “Tao gives birth to one. One gives birth to two. Two gives birth to three. Three gives birth to all things and all beings.” – Tao Te Ching I want you to think about a couch. Really think about a couch. Now you may be wondering why I want you to think about a couch. […]

  • Stories: The Reality Distortion Devices

    “The trick and the beauty of language is that it seems to order the whole universe, misleading us into believing that we live in sight of a rational space, a possible harmony. But if words distance us from the present, so we never quite seize the reality of things, they make an absolute fiction of […]

  • 10 Books I Learned from in 2020

    Thanks to my kindle, this year I can actually remember the books I read. Here are a few summed up into one or two things that I took away from them. As a Man Thinketh Every action can be traced back to a thought Siddhartha Life is a series of loops Games People Play We […]