• Points of Imaginary Tension

    Beliefs are similar to a virus. When your mind is malleable they’re most likely to infect you. Young people all have malleable minds. From ages 0 to your teen years you’re very susceptible to these belief viruses. Although, strong viruses can infect you at any age. These viruses express themselves through our behavior. We act […]

  • Dimensional Depth

    Practice is the prerequisite to excelling at a skill. But what’s happening as one deepens their knowledge through practice? What are the differences we notice in experiencing someone who is an expert in their art? Well, what we are experiencing is the difference in dimensional depth. An expert has greater dimensional depth to their skills […]

  • We Are All The Same?

    Outwardly humans look quite different from each other. We have different interests, clothing, cultures, ethnicities, and physical features. Yet, peel back the layers and it doesn’t seem to be true. I mean literally peel back the layers of skin on every human. Expose the muscle and tissue that lays underneath us all. We are just […]

  • Disconnected: The Paradox in our Adaptive Emotional Ability

    Welcome to 2020. Where humans are more connected than ever. We have smartphones that fit in the palm of our hands. Their power surpassing supercomputers from just decades ago. They allow us the opportunity to connect with billions of others daily. Video call technology facilitates connections to relatives living abroad. Social media connecting us to […]

  • The Lack of Diversity in Mental Frameworks

    For the past few decades, we have moved away from being in extended families towards the less natural nuclear family structure. In doing so we lost the most important benefit of being surrounded by a variety of different adults. The lack of diverse mental frameworks.  Every human has a unique outlook on the world. Which […]

  • Transcribed: Making Sense With Sam Harris Podcast #207 – Can We Pull Back From The Brink?

    There is a short summary at the bottom. I hope you find this transcription useful. Thank you Sam for this podcast. It is much needed rationality in these chaotic times – hatchum  Welcome to the Making Sense podcast. This is Sam Harris. OK. Well, I have been trying to gather my thoughts for this podcast […]

  • The Benefit of Mindfulness for Readjusting your Habits

    Note: My references to a higher self, are unrelated to any religious or spiritual woo woo. It refers to being virtuous. References to God/divinity are just for entertaining imagery. “We are acquisitive, greedy, and pugnacious because our blood remembers millenniums” – Will and Ariel durant We live in the future with a brain designed for […]

  • Dissonance, Denial, and Development

    Each one of us is attached to a multitude of narratives about who we are and how we should operate. Over time as we observe the choices we make our inner voice starts to connect the patterns of our actions to our identity. Additionally, notions of who we want ourselves to be develop and connect […]

  • Infinitely Interconnected: The Nested Mind

    The mind is a nesting of minds. Six months into pregnancy the brain begins responding to stimuli. From that point on, the brain must sort, filter, and make sense of our chaotic reality. Billions of neurons in the brain. Each like little living organisms. Surviving and connecting through electrical impulses. Dictating how we respond to […]

  • Imaginary Versus Reality

    Subjective beliefs grounded in fiction should not be of greater importance than objective truths rooted in reality. A friend sent me an article from the Harvard Business Review titled “How Will You Measure Your Life?” The 4th principle the author, Clayton M. Christensen, states is “avoid the ‘marginal costs’ mistake.” This theory is supposed to […]