Tag: Love

  • I Love Hitler

    Hitler is probably one of the most well-known evil people in the world, he’s a real-life supervillain who managed to kill millions of jews, which is pretty badass. Imagine how hard he had to work to get such influence and power. I mean how many others could pull something of that magnitude off? Sure what […]

  • The Key To Life

    Key: Take MDMA, Look at all the reasons you hate yourself, and then replace it all with love. Everything else will take care of itself now. Enjoy effortless living. Peace. If you want more read below, but honestly just go do molly. You just need to be you, that’s it, like the different types of […]

  • MDMA Made Me Realize I’m Half Man Half Woman

    I recently realized I hated my female energy, which I’d bet most men do, and vice versa for women. This is due to how we grew up, men are taught to be manly, whatever that means to the specific culture, while women are taught to be womanly. This causes people to internalize denial of the […]