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  • How People Cope with The Same Weakness

    One of the most impactful ideas I’ve read is from Harville Hendrix who observed that people tend to form relationships with others who have the same internal weakness as them but cope opposite to them, for example, if you feel stupid and behave by always sticking to your opinion, you’ll attract relationships with people who […]

  • The Key To Life

    Key: Take MDMA, Look at all the reasons you hate yourself, and then replace it all with love. Everything else will take care of itself now. Enjoy effortless living. Peace. If you want more read below, but honestly just go do molly. You just need to be you, that’s it, like the different types of […]

  • Why You Fight With Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend: An Exploration Of Imago Relationship Therapy

    I recently came across the idea of Imago Therapy. It’s a relational counseling process for couples to use their conflicts for healing and development. Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt created the technique. Harville stumbled upon it as a therapist and professor when contemplating the question “why do men and women have so much trouble being […]

  • Are Tarot Cards Real?

    I was walking on the beach with my girlfriend recently and we serendipitously came across a guy doing tarot card readings. We decided to sit down to peer into our future and the results were quite spooky (Hatchum’s definition of spooky: a combination of weird and surreal).  My girlfriend went first. She asked him “what […]

  • Stories: The Reality Distortion Devices

    “The trick and the beauty of language is that it seems to order the whole universe, misleading us into believing that we live in sight of a rational space, a possible harmony. But if words distance us from the present, so we never quite seize the reality of things, they make an absolute fiction of […]

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